Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guess Sarah Palin's mother's maiden name, win her email!

So, someone broke into Gov. Palin's Yahoo email account. A good summary of the incident is here. Apparently, nothing particularly scandalous was found, other than the fact she was doing government business on a non-government email account (this sort of thing is one of the reasons that's a bad idea).

The cracker apparently got access by asking for a password reset, and guessing the "secret question" using her Wikipedia article. I hope the media report on this bit, leading to companies abandoning this terrible, terrible  idea.

He also apparently wasn't careful enough covering his tracks, and will likely be arrested soon. If it was anybody else's account, he would be free to go and would be the new owner of the account, with nothing the original account holder could do about it.

Thanks to Evolved and Rational.