Sunday, November 16, 2008

That tube is for tube-related science, not tube-related fun!

Cool sciency links:
  • The coolest optical illusion I've ever seen, with the possible exception of random dot stereograms ("Magic Eye" pictures).
  • Nobel laureate Richard Feynman explains quantum theory. No math; it's aimed at laymen.
  • The husband of a fantasy author decides to find out just what it would take to make that werewolf-killing silver bullet.
  • You're familiar with lolcats, right? Well, cross it with Star Trek and you get LOLTrek.
  • Theodory Gray decided to collect samples of all the elements to put in his Wooden Periodic Table.
  • A list of very old sites (the list is from 2002 - that's like 1950 in internet time) fitting this theme, most of which are still up. The LOX barbecue is the only cool one that's died of link rot; check the bottom of George Goble's Wiki page instead.